Binary Option Robot – Real Aspects Of It Beginners Should Know

Binary Option Robot – Real Aspects Of It Beginners Should Know

If you are a beginner and inexperienced in the world of market trading and binary options, you might have heard various and controversial stories about binary options trading.
Stepping into the market, especially uncertain as it is today, can be scary enough. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for every beginner. Binary Option Robot. It is 100% automatic software designed to pull all the moves on the market, estimate values of indicators and execute transactions and finally make the profit for you, without any knowledge or intervention required from you.

Unfortunately, if you have done some online research prior making a decision, you have probably came across a lot of critics, skepticism, suspicions and claims that there is a scam going on behind the story of Binary Option Robot.

These suspicions usually refer to potential quick loses, handling all the control over the trading process to software, the issue of brokers involved within the trading, the quality of software itself and several more.

So, let’s take a closer look at the real situation with Binary Option Robot and help beginners make up their minds.
Binary Option Robot is software compatible with all operating systems, mobile devices included, designed to auto-trade on your behalf. You can download it for free or use websites such as “” to create an account and start trading without even downloading application.

Registration and process of creating an account are rather simple, requiring only your basic information. At some point of the process, the software will offer you a list of available brokers to choose from. This is an issue that raises a lot of controversies and rumors, since there are many brokers out there with a bad reputation and no license to work. Brokers integrated within Binary Option Robot are trusted and licensed and thus shouldn’t worry you. They are all honest and you can handle your transactions resting assured the process will be done correctly, according to all official laws.
After you have chosena broker or more than one of them, make a deposit and you are ready to go. Further on, software itself can do all the work for you. No prior knowledge is required. Binary Option Robot is programmed to precisely analyze market fluctuations, indicator values, signals and spot all good opportunities. Some people question this aspect, claiming that it’s uncertain or even reckless to let the program handle your finances, especially since average user has no idea what the software is all capable of performing. This is not true, but even if you are afraid of handling all the control to application tool, you can still intervene. There is a history tag where you can monitor all the details about your trading activities so far, ratings and scores with different brokers, signals and strategies. After reviewing this, you can adjust your approach if you wish.


There is also a great benefit of creating VIP account. This account provides you with more options and possibility to customize settings. Via these options, you can limit your daily trading amount, set limits to daily loses or choose different signal sources.

There are certainly some risks you have to take when entering the world of market trading, but those risks come from the market itself. Using Binary Option Robot will not be a source of the problems.

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Binary Option Robot – Quest For Truth

Binary Option Robot – Quest For Truth

The Internet is a stick sharpened at both ends. As much as it is an endless source of all the knowledge and information you could ever need and opportunity for some great business success, it is also quite unreliable when it comes to the validity of the fact you come across. Everyone nowadays can access it and express an opinion on various topics, so it’s sometimes pretty hard to be sure what to believe in – although we stick to the never let us down.
At the same time, market trading has always been a frightening field, especially to those who are new at it and lack experience. Market trading world has also been a solid ground for too many scams and frauds. Combined with internet world, no wonder so many controversial stories circle around.

This is the case with Binary Option Robot. Binary Option Robot is relatively new software designed for automated binary options trading. It was created by French trading professionals equally for amateurs and experts.
It’s simple and straight forwarded process of functioning and capability to work independently according to pre-determined algorithms and makes it a perfect solution for trading beginners. If market scares you or you lack experience or you are simply insecure in your own knowledge about it, Binary Option Robot can serve as both – as a tool that will do the trading behalf on you and as a learning platform to lead you through the world of binary options trading.
On the other hand, if you’re an expert overwhelmed with other duties or simply don’t want to spend half a day monitoring market fluctuations, software allows you to adjust preferences according to your preferable trading strategy and handle the rest to it. see here about the preferences.
In both cases, all it takes is few simple registration steps, not even a download is required, choosing broker company and depositing a certain amount of money. Further on, you may walk out of the room, even go offline, Binary Option Robot will analyze the market, generate one to ten signals a day, estimate indicators value and execute transactions on its own.

This sound more than fair enough. So, what causes controversial rumors and suspicions? First of all, people are generally skeptical when it comes to easy money and shortcuts to success.

The simple fact that software will ease your amount of work doesn’t make this easy money. Also, average success rate 80% is quite realistic. It’s a sign of well-functioning system, but also a sign of honest advertising. No bombastic success is being promised, just quite solid results.

The second issue is broker companies. It is no secret that too many fraudulent broker companies operate on the market. Since you deposit your money and Binary Option Robot partners with several broker companies, it is expected to see cautious users. But if you take a look at the brokers involved with Binary Option Robot system, you’ll find high rated, licensed, regulated and reliable trading platforms. Whoever you choose to work with, you can rest assured to get quality service.

“How could I ever allow some software to handle my money” is another alarming issue. First of all, not all the softwares are the same.

If you are worried about software itself, keep in mind that application makes no emotional biases, it is capable of multitasking faster and more precise than any human trader ever could. Also, using Binary Option Robot provides you with full transparency. All essential facts are publicly exposed. There are options like Signal history where you can monitor all performed action or adjust performances such as a limit of daily losses, if you’d like to have some more control over the process.
All previously showed is just a basic “pro” list of Binary Option Robot features, but it should be more than enough to beat all existing warnings.

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Binary Option Robot – Quality Speaks For Itself Or Not

Binary Option Robot – Quality Speaks For Itself Or Not

When you are exposed to rumors and false accusations there are two things you can do: you can try to defend yourself and provide explanations for every untrue statement or you can present yourself the way you really are and let those who care to make a right call.
This sums up a present situation with Binary Options Robot.
Good thing that really make a difference usually cause a lot of reactions. There are some accusations, claims of fraud and rip off risks behind the story of Binary Option Robot.
Here’s how the things really are.


Binary Option Robot is carefully created software tool for automated binary option trading.

It has been designed by French professionals and based on commonly used sophisticated mathematical methods and strategies used on the market. It is quite simple to handle, compatible with most operating systems, including tablets and mobile. Its features make it perfectly useful for beginners equally as for experts.
The software is free and all that it takes is to open an account on some trusted website, like “”.

The procedure is simple. You need to provide your basic information, adjust preferred currency and password and you will get your login details for binary option broker. Here is where you should choose one or few brokers from the list and make a desirable deposit. After you enter your credit card details and deposit, you are fully ready to trade.
top binary robots connect to broker companies, generate signals, usually one to ten per day, estimate indicators’ values and automatically execute profitable transactions. With average success rate 80%, most of the time you will need to show up and pick you increased incomes. Sometimes you will lose, but with this average rate, those losses are acceptable.

In fact, if you believe you could improve your results, software allows you to customize preferences according to your preferred trading strategy. You can adjust risk levels, where low-risk level will keep you safer on the market, but the software will execute fewer transactions. You can also limit your daily losses or total trading amount per day.

With VIP account, another special and also free option, you get to choose signal sources and many more features.

If all this still keeps you suspicious, keep in mind that Binary Option Robot has all essential information easily available. Click signal history and you will get a full review of every action previously executed on the market, even those when you were offline and left software handle the job itself.
This option allows you to compare your success rates with various risk levels, brokers, strategies and to improve your knowledge on trading and your future particular moves.

Resumed shortly, Binary Option Robot is software tool that will allow you to focus on your everyday’s duties of you are busy, while artificial intelligence, freed from any kind of emotional bias, precisely and efficiently manipulates on the market increasing your profit. Or you can take advantage of its transparency and use it to improve your knowledge and skills needed for dominating market trading.

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Binary Option Robot – Pros and Cons

Binary Option Robot – Pros and Cons

The idea of addressing someone else to handle your money and pull various risky moves with it scares many people. Imagine permitting cold-blooded, impersonal software to trade on market, with your money and your odds on behalf of you. Would you dare? Is it even possible and what’s really behind the whole story? Check it out at and continue with reading this article.

This is exactly the deal and controversy with Binary Option Robot. Binary Option Robot is software designed to perform automated trading using sophisticated mathematical programs to calculate values, follow fluctuations on the market and finally execute transaction via an integrated broker.

While program does all of this, you might as well be somewhere at the beach. The average winning rate is anyway going to be around 90%.
All this sounds quite awesome or suspicious to those who don’t believe in profit without hard work. Major accusations refer to suspiciously easy winning, skepticism when it comes to quick losses and fear of losing control over your market business. Some people are afraid of harming their own computer by installing this application or they lack trust to brokers involved in the process. All these “cons” are opposed to a strong list of “pros”.
So, let’s overview the list of pros.

First, this is official software designed several years ago by French company, primarily for professional traders. Highly sophisticated and precise algorithms integrated into application are programmed by well-educated and experienced professionals.
Software can be downloaded for free, but you can also use it without necessary download, by simple creating account and login in. The whole procedure takes minimal amount of time. You are required to provide basic information about yourself, such as your name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and location. In the next step, you should set basic adjustments, like your preferred currency and password. Once done with that, you will get login details for your Binary Option broker. Brokers are another touchy subject causing a lot of prejudgments and skepticism.

The truth is that Binary Option Robot deals with trusted and licensed brokers, such as 24Option, Banc de Binary, Tradorax and few others.

There is a whole bunch of unlicensed brokers on market working on the edge of the law, but Binary Option Robot does not deal with those. Software also offers you list of available brokers, so you have a great opportunity to make different strategy with each of them. Later you can review your rates and success with each of them and adjust your further strategy according to that.
Once you have chosen your broker, you should deposit desirable amount of money. There are no specific limits, but the sum of 450 dollars is recommended by various experts. learn more about the advice and tips from experts.

Many are worried about the step where you are required to provide your credit card details, but Binary Option Robot takes a good care of its users’ personal data and safety.
Often discussed issue is the problem of quick loses and handling complete control over your trading to a computer application. First, there is a way you can control your potential loses. Just click settings and set your maximum daily trades, trade amount and limit your daily stop loss.
The second issue often discussed as a problem is loss of control. This is actually turns out to be no problem at all of you just think of the real way Binary Option Robot works. Its algorithms are based on calculation schemes of professional traders and it is completely emotionless. This is actually a good thing since it will never make mistakes or wrong estimations based on fear of loss, lack of guts or under the influence of excessive excitement caused by winning. These psychological aspects often interfere with the logical approach of traders and may lead them to preventable wrong moves on the market.

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Binary Option Robot – Is It Really Scam Or There Is An Explanation

Binary Option Robot – Is It Really Scam Or There Is An Explanation

Binary options auto-trading system is a relatively new concept, but many labeled as suspicious, fraudulent and designed to fool those who take easy paths to success.
Binary Option Robot is kind of that software but it definitely doesn’t fall under these descriptions and accusations. In order to see why Binary Option Robot is actually legal and fair in spite controversial reputation, let’s see first where these doubts come from.
Binary Option Robot is software tool for automated trading. It uses pre-determined algorithms and mathematical methods to analyze the market, generate trading signals, evaluate values of trading indicators and independently execute transactions. Simply said: it is software designed to trade on the market with your investments and handle all the work without your assistance.

The mere idea of trusting the software to manipulate your money is not cool to many people. What those people do not consider is the fact that precision, velocity, rationality and capacity for multitasking this software possesses is probably greater than any skilled and experienced trader would ever achieve. Especially with the use of top binary robots.
The whole Binary Option Robot system partners with broker companies that provide platform to clients and full collection of services required for monetary manipulations and trading process. It is true that there are many problematic, unreliable brokers out there, who have no license, or they lost one and choosing broker company is essential for trading business. This is another issue that raises questions and doubt among people. The truth is that Binary Option Robot works with trusted and high rated broker companies, taking care of clients’ safety and security. During the registration, software offers you a list of available brokers to choose from and to deposit a certain amount in their accounts, but all the brokers on the list are fair, legal and you can rely on their work.

Since many users are afraid of a lack of transparency of the whole process, it is recommended to work with several brokers and to activate some features software offers.

Once you set the preferences and start trading, the program can manage it all without you even being online. But there is a “Signal history” option where you get to monitor all previously executed transactions, compare a rate with various strategies and brokers, so as the winning and losses with different risk levels applied. These options provide full transparency of the process and enable you to change your preferences anytime if you like.

Binary Option Robot is auto-trading software tool for short-term tradings. It can operate in multiple markets at the same time, but the amounts are not extremely high. Nevertheless, if you are worried about potential quick losses, the software can take care of that issue too.

There are functions you can adjust according to your wishes and capabilities and to limit daily losses or set maximum daily trading amount of money.

This will ensure you that even if some losses happen, they are never going to be bigger than you are ready to risk.
If you combine all these properties of Binary options robot with the fact that it has average 80% success rate and the fact that you will be able to trade on market, increase your profit and spend time doing anything else you like at the same time, it should be enough to dismiss all doubts and convince you that Binary Option Robot is quite awesome helping tool.

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